We are technical storytellers.

We transform complex stories into experiential marketing assets.


Our six studios creatively integrate marketing, design, animation, models, exhibits and digital media.

For more than 25 years we have been creating memorable stories for innovative global companies.

Let us tell yours.

Printing the Impossible

One of the many secret weapons in our model making arsenal are 3D printers. These machines use detailed files to produce high quality physical models, printed in layers, 16 microns at a time.  Whether your ideas begin as a napkin sketch or in a 3D file, our engineers will ensure these complex, technical works of art are printed with precision.

  • Your story in the palm of your hand.

    Experience the unlimited possibilities of telling your story through the power of your mobile phone.  Our interactive and creative team can make your story ready at the touch of a button.


    Your app... your story.

    From trade shows, to client presentations, to sales, Midwest can customize an app for your every need.  Through interactive story telling your app will engage and educate your audience.


    Tying your story together.

    A well executed website is what connects your story to the world.  From concepts, to site architecture, to design and development, Midwest knows how to tell your unique story to the world.