We are technical storytellers.

We transform complex stories into experiential marketing assets. Our six studios creatively integrate marketing, design, animation, models, exhibits and digital media. For more than 25 years we have been creating memorable stories for innovative global companies. Let us tell yours.

What We Do


imagine. innovate. inspire.

We deliver memorable experiences. We thrive on the challenge of bringing ideas to life and making complex subjects easy to understand.

Our process starts with brainstorming and collaboration. Then we do the heavy lifting for you by solving problems and filling in the blanks. With six distinct studios, our innovative team is up to any task. Challenge us... it's our fuel.

Marketing + Creative


Great ideas deserve great execution.

If no one 'gets' your idea... no one buys into it. That's why every design process begins with an in-depth understanding of your products, services, and end goals. Think of Midwest as an extension of your marketing team. Utilizing our focus, experience, and creativity, we can articulate your message in ways you never thought possible.

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Animation + Video


Pushing pixels to the limit.

To us, animation and videos are more than just pretty pictures... this should be a moving experience. We provide innovative ways to present your product and digital assets across multiple platforms. From touchscreens to apps, knock-out preview trailers to full-detail engineering videos. We can visualize anything.

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Models + Exhibits


Show me... don't tell me.

This is your engaging and interactive show stopper. Everybody loves a well-designed exhibit or a physical model and how it simplifies your message into instantaneous understanding. From 3D printing and engineering prototypes to architecture and specialty exhibits, we can show your story to any audience.... and on any scale.

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Experiential Environments


Take your show on the road.

Power your marketing engine with a uniquely branded rock-star coach loaded with high-octane messaging, because you can. There is nothing more impactful than stepping inside a fully immersive environment to offer a truly unique interactive customer experience. Control the atmosphere, captivate your audience and close the deal. It's the ultimate home-court advantage.

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